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Court of Appeal Reports offers you an edited and reported recondite dictums of the Court of Appeal of Nigeria through the Electronic Law Reports (E-C.A.R.) and Hard Copy Texts.

Electronic Reports

Electronic Court OF Appeal Reports. over 1000 copies of the Electronic Court of Appeal Reports available for Subscription Here

Hard Copy Report

Volumes 1-12 (2015 till date) of the Hard copy texts of the Court of Appeal Reports are available for purchase.

Do you know?

A law report dedicated to the judgements of the Court of Appeal Reports remains imperative because;

  • The various divisions of the Court of Appeal regularly make noteworthy pronouncements, mostly unsung.
  • Except for election matters and few others, the average length of time it takes for some of these pronouncements to be decided by the Supreme Court under current timing is usually no less than ten (10) years.
  • Until set aside by the Supreme Court, if at all, sometimes as long as ten (10) years later, these noteworthy judgements and rulings from the Court of Appeal stand as The Law, for many years.
  • In some cases, these pronouncements do not get reported at all, given the admirable propensity for law reports to concentrate on Supreme Court judgements.
  • Even when Appeal Cases do get reported, it does not appear as if efforts are made to get them out from as many of the sixteen divisions of this all important court as possible.
  • The lack of a specialized law report for the court of Appeal also means that one division of the Court of Appeal may not get to know pronouncements of other divisions on similar or new legal thoughts, situations and principles.
  • C.A.R as the most comprehensive source of Election Petition Case-Law Jurisprudence in Nigeria.

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